*Run UMD [#l350bb11]
 -なにが起きても知りません。避けて通るのが吉。非常出口 → http://www.playstation.jp/psp/
 -元祖 Game loader は[[MPH>http://mphwebsite.tuxfamily.org/]]さんとこで。これは別物、あるいは偽物。
 -To sacrifice yourself.  Experimental.  Extremely dangerous.  No warranty.  Use on your own risk and responsibility.
 -Anything may happen.  We recommend you to avoid seeing/downloading/using this.  Emergency exit -> http://www.playstation.jp/psp/
 -Feedback to [[RunUMD/動作報告]]
 -Original and the first Game loader is by [[MPH>http://mphwebsite.tuxfamily.org/]].  This is another nothing or forgery.
 -old http://sec.pn.to/pw/?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=runumd_ver00101.zip&refer=RunUMD
 -old http://sec.pn.to/pw/?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=runumd_ver001.zip&refer=RunUMD
 **Comments? [#h288caa1]
 -moo --  &new{2006-03-05 21:49:54 (日)};
 -危険なので十分に注意のこと。つまり近寄らないのが良いかと。押したら爆発するかもしれません。 --  &new{2006-03-06 00:20:44 (月)};
 -それくらい危険なものなので、職務規定上危険なことをしていけない人は、職務目的で押してはダメです。はい。  --  &new{2006-03-06 00:20:52 (月)};
 -iso --  &new{2006-03-06 23:16:55 (月)};
 -please allow load ISO with UMD emulator -- [[ISO]] &new{2006-03-07 11:38:16 (火)};
 ->ISO    no piracy. -- [[lS[UMD/2kdlSU]]] &new{2006-03-07 12:02:35 (火)};
 ->ISO    no piracy. -- [[lS[UMD/2kdlSU]]] &new{2006-03-07 12:03:13 (火)};
 -good software! support you! --  &new{2006-03-07 12:51:07 (火)};
 -yes very power full. we already be work on umd emulator. soon soon. -- [[power]] &new{2006-03-07 14:32:37 (火)};
 -yes please and thank you!!! -- [[exciting]] &new{2006-03-08 00:09:22 (水)};
 -kurwy jebane :D / iso iso iso ...or release monster huner in EU :P -- [[darkmajin]] &new{2006-03-08 00:52:49 (水)};

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